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It maybe cold out there

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But my sweet peas are tucked up in the warm on the heated propagation mat slowly starting to germinate.

It's inexplicable why sowing a few sweet peas should be exciting, but it is. A sign of spring, reminder of the summer to come, back into the garden after the long winter, its just great.

Sweet peas are very easy to grow from seed and you can pick the best colours and fragrances. In addition to the lovely pastel shades this year The Sunday Gardener is also growing some deep blue and zesty orange more of which around June time, all being well.

For tips on sowing and growing sweet peas see link: main point to remember. Sweet Peas have long roots which don't like to be disturbed, they are an exception to the potting on rule where small seeds and plants are started in small pots and moved on. Sweet Peas need to be in deep containers, root trainers or loo roll holders do well as they need around 10cms for the roots. If you sow them in the right container you will get off to a good start.

And as a reminder .......single pink sweet pea


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