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Spring seems close we have had a couple of warm days and suddenly it feels like spring, and yet we know snow could be round the corner.

The garden is waking up and so to are the gardeners. The Sunday Gardener has been sowing all sorts of seeds, veggies such as Broad Beans, tomatoes, Chilli, Courgettes, Pumpkins and lots of herbs; Dill, Parsley, Coriander, basil, Thai  Basil and more. This is a good time to get started provided you can grow on under glass as it's too early to plant out.

Growing annuals enables you to grow plants you rarely see in the garden centre such as Black eyed Susan, Love Lies Bleeding and the Cup and Saucer plant (see link)

broad bean in potIf you have never grown veg from seed and would like to try, start with the easy ones which are Peas and all the Beans, Courgettes and Pumpkins. Place on seed in a loo roll holder and put in a warm place covered to generate moisture, preferably in a propagator. Once germination has occurred transfer somewhere light and frost free until conditions are suitable for planting outside. For more March tips








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  1. This is exactly the right time to seed cucumbers and they are easy to germinate. Place one seed in a small pot, keep warm and covered and the seeds will germinate in a matter of a few days. For detailed information on growing cucumbers follow this link.

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  2. John

    Any advice please on how to grow cucmbers form seed? Thanks John

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