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A busy time in the garden

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hail and bedding plants by The Sunday GardenerJune is a fantastic time in the garden everything is growing so fast its hard to keep up. Finally frosts are over and all the tender plants and veggies can be planted out for the rest of the summer, even Squashes can be outside now. Pity the weather isn't a bit kinder, if its wet and chilly where you are its best to delay planting bedding for another week or so. There is a lot to do in June and the Sunday Gardeners calendar has some helpful tips and advice, click on the link. Ideas for June in general, but its still best to consider local conditions and check the weather. The end of May is the traditional time for planting out, but bedding and veg plants grown under ideal conditions, warm, with just the right amount of water, and no blustering winds, can get a bit of shock if stuck outside on a typical bank holiday and sulk for a couple of weeks. Best to just wait until a better planting day.

June isn't always reliable, here a couple of years ago some bedding going in and yes the white stuff on the lawn is hailstones.

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