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Balled Rose by The Sunday GardenerWet weather is so common in August and plays havoc with the garden and veg plot.

It brings out the slugs who make a slimy trail straight to the bedding and the lettuces. It is stunning . For all the best ideas on how to  beat the slugs

Apart from the slugs the late flowering plants are battered and soggy. Take heart, summer isn't over. Dead head off everything looking sad and the next spell of warmer drier weather will see the plants picking up. In the wet some rose blooms may have  "balled", the flower looks full as if ready to bloom but the outside leaves are brown. Its caused by wet cool conditions which saturate the outer leaves, then a drier period which causes the leaves to dry out and turn brown and tighten around the bloom so it cannot flower. Because it will not flower the remedy is to dead head and make room for some more.


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