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Slugs have arrived

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Slug alert! The slugs are on the munch. Whilst slugs are still hard to spot the tell talesigns of chew marks on tender young growth is evidence that slugs are around.  

The new growth on plants can be irresistible to slugs, especially Hosta, Delphinium and Lupins and during March, as the new shoots emerge, it is vital to have slug protection. In the photo on the right is a granular physical barrier which is organic and non harmful. The theory is that the slugs do not like sliding over it because its rough and this deters them. I prefer the organic methods of slug dispatch and there are many ways to beat the slugs. For more tips on waging the slug war and how to salvage a slug eaten plant follow the link.

Remember, the only good slug is a dead one.

The good news is the first spotting of a bee curiously flying through a built up city area but out and about. For ideas on plants which attract bees and butterflies see the wildlife friendly garden

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