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planting broad beans

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growing broad beans by the sunday gardeneryoung broad beans by the sunday gardenerToday I have been planting out Broad beans, the hardiest of the bean family and even in this poor spring very safe to plant out now.  I grow them in toilet roll  holders and they seem to do just fine and develop good roots. Broad beans are different;  they don't cling or climb like other beans, and need support. The best way to support them is by making columns out of bamboo canes (or other upright supports) and string along them to make colums of support. Confused, check out the photo which explains all. Create a corridor of string to support the beans as they grow and stop them flopping over. Also beans have quite brittle stems, which if bashed, will easily break so the string keeps them more or less upright and in the right place.

Plant out within the string cordons and add at least one more layer of string support as the plants grow. It need not be as elaborate as this criss cross, simply running the string around will do just fine.

I have also been doing lots of weeding but that's not very interesting just hard work and necessary unless you decide to beat the weeds!


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