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Talk about blowing hot and cold

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We love to talk about the weather, Gardeners more than most folk. This last spell  of weather has been traumatic presenting some difficult gardening conditions; cold chilling winds, cold rain and hail,greenhouse opening vents wild violets by the sunday gardnerendless grey gloom, buckets of rain cancelling out the drought in some places and then suddenly, without warning a heat wave. Just a few blogs ago I was debating if it was warm enough to plant out some of the more tender veggies, such as courgettes, french beans and now it's so hot I have decided leaving them in the green house is no longer an alternative and quickly I am trying to get everything planted out. The temperature in the greenhouse is soaring, even with all vents and windows open. If you are thinking of buy a green house the automatic vents are very well worth the investment. On hot days when you cannot be in the greenhouse the vents will open and help to moderate the tempreture as the photo shows.

During this mini heat wave the greenhouse, plants and veggies in pots, and fragile new seedings will need watering daily. If the long-range forecast for your area is showing no signs of frost I would plant out as much as you can as plants in the ground are much less stressed by the heat than those in pots in the greenhouse. Water early in the morning, and water the greenhouse floor to damp  down and cool the air.

And of course enjoy the sunshine, its been a long time since the lovely warm spell in March......and this photo of some tiny wild violets I spotted today growing in the wild area of the garden.


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