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 alium by The Sunday gardener
Alliums are easy to  grow bulbs which  need to be staked  and  add stunning  early spring colour  to the border. More about growing Alliums 
Papaver orientale Oriental Poppies are another easy plant  flowering in Spring. This variety of poppy is quite tall and really benefits from being staked and will self seed around the garden For more information
marsh marigolds by The Sunday Gardener

The  Marsh Marigold  is  a fully hardy spring flowering bog plant which  will only thrive in damp conditions and with some sun. Easy to grow and to get  established.

Clematis armandii

 Clematis armandii along with Clematis Montana is  an early flowering variety.  As a group clematis are not easy, but very rewarding, and a real garden favourite.

Each have specific growing requirements click here for detailed advice on growing Clematis

bluebells and tree

Hyacinthoides  (Bluebell) a woodland plant  which likes moist well drained soil and dappled shade and will multiply once established.

Rhodedendron and Bee by The Sunday Gardener

 Rhododendrons are  a large group of shrubs from dwarf to giant and are which are generally easy to grow as long as the soil tends to be acid .

If the  soil is not acid the smaller varieties can be grown in pots filled with Ericaceous compost.


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