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Deschampsia tufted grass tough as old boots

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Some grasses are just so tough and this includes Deschampsia cespitosa, tuft grass. Earlier in the year around May I was given a large unwanted plant which arrived in a bucket with some soil attached to it's roots as in the top image on the right. Unfortunately, that is how it stayed until October when I finally got round to planting it. The only attention has been the occasional water, when it was very dry and if I remembered. The image at the bottom is the grass finally planted out in October looking none the worse for its barbaric treatment.

Grasses are very tough and easy to grow and I think they look just great in a border or grouped together to create a grassy area. They are tolerant of most conditions. If you are thinking about a difficult area in the garden pick up this link for growing information about various grasses and how to mix them with easy perennial plants to create a low maintenance border.

The garden is winding down and some herbaceous plants are starting to collapse, so I have started to cut them back to be followed by a good weed and then a mulch for the winter, if I get it done in time. I noted one corner of the border where a large Hemerocallis (Day Lily) had lived for a few years but lately producing less and less flowers. I had divided it once so decided it was time to dig it up and into the compost bins. The time with some perennials which are to beshort lived when its time to start again next year. Working in the borders at this time is easier than in the Spring because everything is dying back, I am less worried about tramping on plants and breaking delicate stems.  

Some garden tasks for this time of year depend on where in the country you garden and the aspect of your garden. I have cut down the tomatoes  brought inside the unripe ones, on the vine, and laid them out in the conservatory on newspaper. With some luck and sun around 75-80% should ripen.



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