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A little history of British Gardening by Jenny Uglow

Something to read during the winter months when the weather holds back on any actual gardening.  This book is a fascinating read and a delight. I was given it by a friend, and what a discovery.  Jenny Uglow really makes gardening history easily readable, not dry or dull, but a tour from the Romans to the present century and this is not about agriculture, but horticulture and gardening. Over the ages which flowers and plants were to be found displayed gardens, how they got to Britain, and gardening trends through different times.   The chapters chart the development of gardening, both practical and popular, and woven into the text are interesting details. The book is made so readable by Jenny Uglow’s easy style by which a subject which could be dry, is entertaining and interesting; it is so well researched and written I would really recommend it. The book  is available in all the usual places and she has a web site

A Little History of British Gardening by Jenny Uglow



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