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Sedum: easy to grow and easy to propagate

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Sedums are one of the easiest plants to propagate and look great from late summer right through to the winter frosts. Some plants particularly  herbaceous ones can look a bit sad but this time of year but not Sedums. All through the summer Sedums are loved by bees and butterflies and during the summer look like bee magnets. Frosted Sedum flower heads look just magnificent.

Sedums are remarkably easy to grow and propagate. In the summer, when cutting some back plants for the Chelsea chop, I used the cuttings to propagate more plants. I did this by simply pushing the cuttings into the soil alongside the mother plant and they grew. There is more information as to just how easy this is on the Sedum pages. Quite often when propagating plants from cuttings, precise treatment is required, stripping off the leaves and putting into a propagator or in a pot with a firmly sealed poly bag to create the necessary warm and moist atmosphere; but not Sedums,. They are very easy and a good place to start if you want to begin to propagate your own plants for free. 

In the autumn, a full stem was accidentally snapped off,  and since it was looking so lovely I brought it inside to put  into a vase where it kept it's flower head for several weeks and has now started sprouting. I  may try planting the plantlets up and leave over winter in a frost free place see if it takes further root. Looks interesting!

fadingsedum in the autumn
Sedums with frost sedum-grown-in-water Sedums from cuttings by The Sunday Gardener sprouting sedem grown in water



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