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Are bargain plug plants value for money

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Bargain plants

Are small plug plants value for money?


This image shows some bargain plants I bought for about £5.00 and they were a mixed bunch of Lavender, Delphiniums, Heuchera, Penstemon and the oriental poppy, Papaver. The plants were tiny when they arrived as the image shows, and there were 60 small plants all of which were potted up into small pots and watered.


I have kept them in the greenhouse through late summer and over winter and the Heurcheras (image bottom left) are now small plants which I expect to have grown enough by early spring to plant out in around May of this year. If you have a bit of time and patience, these plants are  good value to fill the gaps in  borders, although they need a bit of growing on time. As with all small plants the tip is to pot them up into small pots and if necessary, pot them on again into a slightly larger pot. If you put a small plant in a large pot it will not like it, sulk and not grow on well. Small plants small pots is the key. This is well demonstrated when growing on tomatoes which start of as tiny seedlings in small pots, then into a large pot, into a large pot and finally a grow bag, or very large pot for the rest of the summer. This is an essential part of growing tomatoes successfully and check out growing tomatoes for more tips

They are often sold at give away prices are  good value for money. Later in the year we can take a look at them in the borders and see how they are doing and if they flower.

Nurturing small plug plants heuchera


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