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How to sow seeds and germinate plants

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emerging climbing bean by The Sunday Gardener


Sowing seeds and germination

February is a good time to start germinating seeds especially for the vegetable plot. Some veg are just more economical to grow from seeds, such as peas and beans, where you need a lot of plants to get a decent crop, as compared with tomatoes or courgettes where you need far fewer plants. To germinate seeds need a good growing medium, warmth, light and moisture.

To be successfully in germinating seeds its helpful to start with compost which is especially designed for sowing seeds. Pick the right sized pot, as in smaller the seed the smaller the pot, and water gently. Use a propagator to create a good growing atmosphere. There are more tips and advice on how to germinate seeds in the short video.

Best tips start with the easy to germinate vegetables, all the bean, french, broad runners and pea family, tomatoes, courgettes and cucumbers are all green wheelbarrow easy.


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