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Making an annual wildflower meadow

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This growing season I am going to try a selection of annual wildflower mixes , and I hope abandon bedding plants in favour of wildflowers and annuals. Making a mini wildflower meadow is easier than you may think, especially if you use a wildflower mat, which is expensive but very easy. I used a mat in the image illustrated top right, and a seed mix in the bottom image and this year I am trying several different mixes.

I  hope to resist to pull of bedding plants and to plant around the garden patches, and mini meadows, where  I have previously put bedding using different varieties of annual wildflower mixes. I think the images show that the mini meadows look really attractive, once sown and germinated there is no maintenance at all. 

The hard work is done first to get the area weed free and ready, but  once done the mini meadow it looks after itself flowering for months. Follow this link for a simple guide on how to create your own mini meadow, which looks good and keeps the pollinators and bees happy. There are also many perennials and shrubs which are favourites of the bees and butterflies check out on wildlife friendly.



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