When Does Aubretia Flower?

When Does Aubretia flower?

This is not such a simple question. General gardening advice suggests that Aubretia flowers anytime during March, April, even May. Not always the case.

This is an image of an aubretia which I took on the 5th Feb, coming into flower on a sheltered wall.

I'm no longer sure if it is late winter or spring flowering. It makes the point, though, that gardening advice depends on the weather in a season and in a particular year. In the UK, we have an enormous variation in our seasonal weather and around the country. It makes a great deal of difference. Plus, gardens have sheltered and exposed areas in gardens creating micro climates.

If you are reading about what to do now in the garden, think about the aubretia and look at the weather. I just read a post today, 10 January, suggesting it's time to prune Wisteria and Clematis. It is not!

Aubretia flowering 5th February
Aubretia flowering 5th February



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