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I love to grow Oregano for the bees and butterflies and on a warm sunny day, instead of tearing around the garden, time to pause to watch the butterflies.  Today I captured a Peacock butterfly flitting amongst the flower heads assiduously extracting nectar and basking in the sun.

Oregano and its close relation Marjoram are very easy to grow, too easy. Oregano is a great self seeded and will pop up everywhere. It can also be a bit floppy and really needs support otherwise it can sprawl sideways leaving a bald mid plant. Easy to grow in a good sunny area Oregano is attractive, the variety in the image is  Origanum onites common name Pot Marjoram with lovely mauve flowers. There is also a popular golden leaved variety called Origanum vulgare 'Aureum' which has the RHS merit award so always a good choice.

Why not create a butterfly paradise and plant a Buddleja, with Oregano and Sedum, around a garden seat so you can sit and enjoy the butterflies. More ideas for plants which attractive bees and butteflies.

Peacock butterfly on Oregano
Rosemary and Oregano flowering 310 Close up of Peacock butterfly


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