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Good time to make a wood pile

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Natural log pileEarly autumn is a good time to make a wood pile to help wildlife through the winter.  You don't need a large garden to do this just a small of wood or logs as in the image will help and is just the spot for frogs and newts to spend the winter. This wood pile is near the pond so ideal for wildlife. Wood piles are also a home for toads, centipedes and beetles. 

The wood pile is best placed in dappled shade as full sun will tend to be too hot for the insects which also provide food for garden birds, small reptiles and mammals. A raft of insects like decaying wood and providing a wood pile supports the insects on which other species feed. Wrens like to eat small invertebrates which will live in wood piles and often moss will accumulate in the pile used for nest-building in the spring.

Woodlouses favour wood piles and they are lunch to many species including Shrews toads and spiders. A wood pile also looks attractive in a natural setting as well as helping biodiversity in the garden.


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