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In the winter when plants are frosted their leaves take on another perspective and look fantastic edged in frost.  I love to go out with the camera to photograph the winter garden.

These two images  show plant leaves frosted, revealing details in their leaves. Grasses are great winter plants and look fanstastic in the frost. For this reason I never cut grasses down until the Spring.

The garden looks lovely to us during these spells of frosty weather and snow, but for the birds it is a struggle to get enough to eat and drink. 

The garden isIcy-leaf home for the birds and growing some shrubs with autumn and winter berries can make a big difference. Just a few berry shrubs will help the birds and increase the number and types of birds visiting the garden. The image below is all that is left of a branch of Cotoneaster horizontalis, a few weeks ago it was a mass of berries. Over the course of the last month or so the birds have gradually removed all the berries; a clear reminder that these shrubby plants with berries are so important to our native birds.

The more berries, the more birds.




Frosted grassesCotoneaster horizontalis all berried out



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