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The Frogs are back

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They are back

One of the great things about a garden pond is the wildlife attracted to it. Ponds really are a magnet for wildlife and that includes frogs. Each March the frogs turn up, at the same time almost to the day, to spawn in the pond and for several days the pond is alive with dozens of frogs in their desperate attempt to mate. They appear as if from nowwhere to make thousands of frogs spawn from which just a few will survive the many changes in the weather and predators.

Frog's spawn can be killed by cold, frost and by drying out, and is also subjected to many predators, foxes, hedgehogs, and more usually birds and fish. The frogs only mate once a year so this is their chance . The video shows the frogs spawning and the next generation will emerge later in the year.

Ideas for encouraging wildlife into the garden and images on Pinterest.

Frogs really are a gardener's friend as the main part of their diet are slugs and snails with slugs a high proportion of their diet. As a frog can live up to 10 years that's a lot of slugs disposed of.


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