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Foolproof way to ripen tomatoes

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Ripening Tomatoes by The Sunday GardenerIf you don't like green chutney and who does, you will need to ripen the tomatoes.

As the nights draw in there can be, depending on the summer weather,  a lot of green tomatoes on the plants. Two tips: firstly the greenhouse by this stage can be a tricky growing environment damp and prone to disease. Be bold and cut off many leaves to ensure as much air circulation as possible, check carefully for diseased leaves and cut these off. Ventilate the green house on mild days and avoid over watering as it will not evaporate as easily as in the summer months.  This will give the best chance of producing good fruit.

To ripen, cut the vines and bring into a warm place, such as a conservatory, or sunny window sill and the tomatoes will ripen. This really does work as one year when moving house it was necessary to cut all the vines and 90% subsequently ripened in a warm sunny spot.



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