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Hostas are beautiful at this time of year, in full leaf but not yet slug chewed. I love to see them at this point when they make such a statement in a container or the border. Hosta come in all shapes and sizes, the one in the photo on the right is a small variety; the below right a much larger variety occupying centre stage in a wall. Their foliage always rewards us and the slugs.

Because of the slug problem, Hostas have a reputation of being hard to grow and slugs are a menace but apart from that they are very easy to grow. Often preferring a shady slightly damp site, Hostas are resilient enough to grow almost anyway although Hostas look better in both setting and leaf colour in a semi shady spot. Apart from the  slug wars, they are easy to grow and come up reliably every year becoming quite large as they mature. Hostas are herbaceous which means they die back every year to bare earth and then in the spring re grow. If you have a difficult shady corner consider planting  Hostas. Good garden centres and internet plant suppliers will have a real variety of colours and sizes to make a display. Hostas do flower but the flowers are not particularly attractive. More about Hostas


leaves of hosta by the sunday gardener










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