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The Magic of Snowdrops

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snowdrops by the sunday gardener

It is a treat when in the countryside to suddenly come across a patch of snowdrops, either wild or planted by a kind gardener alongside their plot to cheer up walkers and drivers. Just so the patch in the image I chanced on in an area  of woodland in a winding lane. I had to stop and take a photograph, the site of  the Snowdrops nestled in among last year's leaves was lovely.

Snowdrops are a bulb but are frequently bought and planted at this time of year, "in the green" which means in leaf. It can be easier to establish them as plants rather than bulbs, although more expensive. It does mean you can cheer up your windowsill now if you want by planting a few clumps. Snowdrops like humus rich but well drained soil, happy in light woodland with some shade. Most varieties are fully hardy and vigorous which makes them easy to grow. Close up the flowers are very delicate and there are some scented varieties such as  G. 'S.Arnott' definitely one for a window box if you want to catch the scent.

close up of snowdrop  Galanthus


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