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How and Why to Prune Wisteria now

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Wisteria blooms

Wisteria has that  quintessentially English country look adorning houses in the spring with its familiar plumes of blue which are highly scented. It's a beautiful climbing plant, but definitely red wheel barrow, because of the time and effort required to grow  it sucessfully and to make it bloom reliably each year.  There are two reasons why pruning in July/August is essential. Firstly, Wisteria is a very vigorous climbing plant and needs to be kept well in check. Secondly, to make it flower, Wisteria must be pruned twice a year; winter prune February and summer prune July/August. Wisteria is hard work but rewards well and will even produce a second flush of flowers in July and August. Follow this link for a video guide to summer pruning wisteria.

If your wisteria has been neglected and is out of hand, be careful about treating it too severely. Although very tenacious Wisteria can be killed and avoid cutting too severely into the hard wood or pruning to harshly. If it is too large renovate by pruning back over several seasons so you can see the results before cutting back too much. 


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