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November a good time to plant Tulips

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November is an ideal time to plant Tulips and I am out with the bulb planter. Tulips are on the long list of plants I find irresistible, even though I replant each year and clearly the mice like the bulbs as much as I do. One year no tulips came up at all and I guess the mice were too fat to climb out of the holes by the spring. For more  information about planting Tulips and I always use a long-handled bulb planter it takes some of the effort out if you are planting lots of bulbs. I can take or leave daffodils with the exception perhaps of the scented ones, but that's how it is with gardening. Everyone has their own tastes but the common enjoyment of being out in the garden creating what you enjoy. This time of year I am thinking about next season, what to move now, what to plant in the spring and how to do it better next year. Gardening in the Autumn makes me feel optimistic, looking forward to another gardening year.

You can also plant Lilies and Garlic at this time of year follow the links for more information 



tulips and hyacinthus 2 by the Sunday Gardener


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