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Looking forward to March

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clematis alpina by the Sunday Gardener

March is just around the corner with so much to look forward to in the spring. January and february always seem the hardest months of the year, and this year with so much torrential rain and floods, the winter has been mild but no less difficult to cope with for many. March and April can be dry and sunny months and lets hope this is the case to dry out the ground .


It's the start of the gardening year, time when seeds can be sown under glass both flowers and veg. Some veg seeds are easy to grow and a good time to start if you want to germinate your own from seed. To get a decent crop of peas or beans you need plenty of plants and the cheapest way to do this is from seeds. Fortunately Peas, Broad Beans Runner Beans and french Beans are all easy to grow from seed and for more advise and tips, and a video on germination check out growing vegetables 

It is too cold to plant out at this stage so you do need space indoors, conservatory or porch or a green house/lean-to/under glass to grow the plants on until later in the year.

There are lots of tips and advise on what to do and grow in March in the Sunday Gardeners Calender for March

spring bulbs emerging


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