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Tips if you are thinking of planting a Wisteria

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Wisteria blooms

red wheel barrow difficult to grow plant

Wisteria is magnificant, beautiful blue or white scented flowers, one of the best climbers, but, and you can hear the but, it should have a health warning. I agree few climbers can beat the site of a Wisteria in full flower but Wisteria is hard work. Wisteria is high maintenance as it is vigorous, needs pruning twice a year, and it can be tricky to get it to flower. I grow it and love it but I don't love climbing up a ladder in February. Unforunately, pruning is not an option. If Wisteria is not prunned it will be very large and stop flowering so with Wisteria it is essential.

The best tip if you want it to flower, is to start with a Wisteria which is in flower, so buy in April/May and pick a plant with lots of buds or flowers and at least you are setting off on the right foot to begin with. For more tips on growing Wisteria and how to make it flower,. This year the Wisteria is looking great the spurs are covering in buds so I am hoping for a good show to make up for the time spent up the ladder.

Wisteria is vigorous and so pruning means ladders, and pruning it back to keep it out of gutters, windows etc twice a year.  There are other less difficult climbing plants and for ideas on easier climbings plants.



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