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newwinter gardening & The garden never sleeps

Tips for winter drain the water butt

Blight resistant potatoes for next year

Tips on overwintering plants in the greenhouse

new  Ornamental grasses look fantastic in winter


This month in the Sunday Gardener

new  Gardening in  December   and January  tips on dealing with wintery weather and  how prevent wind rock in roses

newPlant of the month   Growing Helleborus

newPlant a grass border - contemporary stylish and easy to  grow with  fantastic winter colour  Grasses are the garden's winter sparklers

 newHow to protect Olives and Bay against winter chill

  newhow to make a leaf mould bin

    leaf mould bin


Owl in the snow by The Sunday Gardener 


What to do now in the garden  

 Plant of the month  

Growing  Helleborus

Helleborus by The Sunday Gardener 

 newSunday Gardener's Calendar for December  and January 

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Courgette flower by The Sunday Gardener

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